Regulation of the Gigant Challenge for Pairs

§ 1.



This Regulation defines the rules for participation in the challenge named "Attention Challenge Gigant" (the "Challenge").

The Challenge is organized by Copernicus Pizza, Narcyzowa 80b Street, 87-100 Toruń.

This Regulation is available at

The Challenge runs from July 18, 2023 until further notice.


§ 2.



All customers who have liked the page on Facebook can participate in the Challenge.

Participants in the Challenge can be natural persons with full health capacity. People aged 13 to 18 years and partially incapacitated can participate in the Challenge with the prior consent of a parent or other legal guardian.

The Challenge involves eating a 71 cm Gigant pizza with any ingredients from the Copernicus Pizza menu (6 different ingredients + cheese) as a PAIR (woman and man) within 20 minutes. The cost of the pizza is PLN 99. If the participants manage to eat the Gigant pizza in less than 20 minutes, we will refund the money for the pizza. The challenge applies only in the venue.

Each Participant in the Challenge can participate in the Challenge multiple times.

During the challenge, participants have access to an unlimited amount of sauces.

During the challenge, participants cannot be under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances.

Each Participant, by participating in the Challenge, agrees to online broadcasting or photo reporting during the Challenge on our social media, for example on the fan page

If any participant vomits during the challenge or within 5 minutes after finishing eating, the whole pair automatically loses and the challenge ends.

The Gigant pizza must be eaten entirely along with the crusts - "bands".

Copernicus Pizza restaurant does not take responsibility for the consequences of "overeating" or the effects of consuming too much pizza.


§ 3.



The Challenge takes place from Monday to Friday between 12:00 and 20:00, from July 18, 2023 until further notice. We kindly ask for an early call and table reservation.

The organizer can announce the end of the challenge on the company's FB page:

The challenge applies only in the venue.


§ 4.



In matters not regulated by this regulation, the provisions of generally applicable law shall apply.